Corn Vada recipe|Sweet corn Vada recipe

Corn Vada recipe|Sweet corn Vada recipe|How to make corn vada recipe

sweetcorn vadaWhenever i go shopping to T.Nagar i like to eat sweet corn which the road side vendors sell.Now i make the same at my home.

Now for variation i tried making sweet corn vada.It came out really good and also it is  kids friendly recipe.While making sweet corn vada use mature sweet corns else corn leaves too much of water.If corn leaves much water dont panic,then we can add little more besan and rice flour to get right consistency

This corn vada is little sweet,so for people who like to eat spicy food then add little more red chilli.


Corn Kernels              – 1.5 cup
Oil for frying
Besan flour                 – 2 tsp
Red chilli powder        – 1 tsp or as needed
Fennel seeds             – 1 tsp
Onion                         – 1/4 cup chopped
Rice flour                   – 2 tsp
Hing                           – 1/4 tsp
Corn starch               – 1 tbsp
Red chilli                    – 1

sweet corn vada1 sweet corn vada2

Step by step method to make Sweet corn Vada

1.Grind red chilli and corn kernels without water coarsely.

sweet corn vada3

2.Transfer to bowl,add red chilli powder,hing,besan flour,rice flour,corn flour,salt,fennel seeds,onion.

sweet corn vada4

3.Mix well,mixture should not be too thick or thin.When we make lemon size ball,we should able to make it.That is the consistency of vada batter

sweet corn vada5

sweet corn vada6

4.Flatten balls in your palm to make patti shape.Heat oil in kadai for deep frying.Oil should not be too hot for frying vada.

5.Drop vada one by one .Donot over crowd vada .Once we drop vada in oil donot put laddle and try to turn,that will make vada to break.

6.After dropping vada in oil let sweet corn vada cook for 2 to 3 min .When we see vada changing to golden brown color then flip

sweet corn vada7

7.When vada turns little brown both sides then remove from oil and drain in paper towel

sweet corn vada8

7.Serve with ketchup

sweetcorn pakoda


1.Use mature sweet corn for making vada

2.If corn leaves too much water then adjust with besan and rice flour to get  roght consistency.

3.We can shallow fry vada,but for shallow frying pressure cook corn for 1 whistle and follow the same procedure.

4.Make sure oil is not too hot,then outer layer turns brown quickly and inside part doesn’t get cooked.










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