Javvarisi Semiya payasam|Sago Kheer|Sabudana kheer recipe

Javvarisi Semiya payasam|Sago Kheer|Sabudana kheer recipe

Javvarisi Semiya payasam is my favourite.My mom use to make during pooja days.I use to put some crushed papad on top and eat.During pooja days we use to eat in banana leaf, after eating rice with sambar and rasam i ask my mom to put payasam in banana leaf and eat with little sambar and rasam.It tastes really nice.

The texture and taste of nylon sago is really good.We can see some crystal balls running inside payasam.

javvarisi semiya payasam


Javvarisi|Sabudana – 1/4 cup
Water                      – 3 cup for cooking sabudana
Vermicilli                 – 1/8 cup
Water                      – 3/4 cup for cooking Vermicilli
Sugar                      – 1 1/4 cup
Cardamom             – 3
Milk                         – 1 glass – 200 ml
Ghee                      – 1 1/2 tsp
Cashews              -10

Step by step method to make Javvarisi(Sago) payasam

1.I am using Nylon Javvarisi.This Javvarisi will look so small slightly bigger than mustard seeds.

javvarisi semiya payasam 1 javvarisi semiya payasam 2

2.Make 3 cup water to boil,then add javvarisi to boiling water.

javvarisi semiya payasam 3

3.Cook for 10 min in high flame.Stir from bottom occasionally .After 10 min javvarisi will be soft and it looks like transparent glass

javvarisi semiya payasam 4

4.Meanwhile during the 10 min.Take another pan add  1/2 tsp ghee fry semiya in medium flame for 3 min.

javvarisi semiya payasam 5

5.Add water immediately and let semiya cook in high flame for 4 min or until soft.

javvarisi semiya payasam 6

6.Add cooked javvarisi into cooked semiya pan.Add sugar and let the whole mixture boil for 5 min.Stir payasam

javvarisi semiya payasam 7

7.Then add milk to it.Let it boil for 5 more minutes

javvarisi semiya payasam 8

8.Remove from stove.Keep it aside.In another pan add ghee,cashews,cardamom fry until gloden brown.Add to payasam

javvarisi semiya payasam 9 javvarisi semiya payasam 10

9.Stir and serve hot or cold

sago kheer


1.Cook vermicilli separately and javvarisi separately.Then add together.Cooking time varies for both ingredients.

2.This kheer will be little thin in texture.If you prefer your kheer to be thick remove some water before adding sugar.After couple of hours payasam will become thick

3.Fry and then cook vermicilli to get its fullest taste.

4.Check frequently whether javvarisi and vermicilli is cooked elese both will lose its structure and payasam will become like paste

5.If big white sabhudana is used follow the instruction here to cook.

a.Soak sago for atleast 2 to 3 hours, sprinkle water on it for soaking.Drain water, rinse sago

b.Cook in boiling water until sago turn transparent