Chana Vada|Chickpea fritters|How to make chickpea fritters

Chana Vada|Chickpea fritters|How to make chickpea fritters

chickpea fritters

Simple and easy snack with white chana.These vada is similar to Masala vada.

Here instead of chana dal,White chana is used.For this vada i have soaked white chana overnight,rinse white chana and make coarse paste.I flavored with herbs


White Chana dal    – 3/4 cup
Onion                     – 1/4 chopped
Red chilli                – 1 or as needed
Fennel seeds        – 1/2 tsp
Moong dal              – 2 1/2 tsp (Soak in water for 2 hrs only)
Oil for frying
Curry leaves          – 1 string chopped finely
Asafoetida             – 1/4 tsp

Chana vada

Step by step method to make Chana Vada

1.Soak chickpeas in enough water overnight.

2.Rinse chickpeas ,drain water add to mixie with red chilli grind to coarse mixture .

3.Add 1/2 tsp of water at a time if you are not able to grind the mixture

Chana vada 1

4.Transfer chickpeas mixture into a bowl.

chana vada 2

5.Add finely chopped onion,fennel seeds,asafoetida,curry leaves,salt,Rinse and drain water from soaked moong dal,then add to the mixture

chana vada 3

6.Mix well and make small round balls.Take a ball and press with both palms into flat vadas

chana vada 4

Chana vada 5

7.Heat oil .Drop each vada in oil.Make the flame medium start frying vada on both sides until it turns golden brown

chana vada 6

8.Once done remove from oil transfer it to paper towel.

Chana vada 7

9.Serve with tea,Coconut chutney

White chana vada


1.Adding soaked moong dal to vada batter gives nice crunchy taste

2.While grinding donot add water to mixture,if needed add 1/2 tsp water.To avoid adding water grind chana in small batch.

3.Add red chilli as needed,mine is very hot so i added one

4.If batter becomes little watery add some rice flour to it