Kambu Koozh recipe|Pearl millet porridge recipe|Bajra Porridge

Kambu Koozh recipe|Pearl millet porridge recipe|Bajra Porridge



Bajra flour|Kambu Flour – 1 cup
Water – 4 cup
Sour Yogurt or thick butter milk – 2 cup
Green chilli – 10 nos


Step by step method to make kambu koozh

1.Add water to flour and make batter without lumps.If there is any lumps pour in mixie and whip .Pour batter into pressure cooker



2.Now switch on the flame and start stirring

3.When flour starts to get hot switch flame to medium heat and stir without taking hand else lumps forms immediately

4.When flour starts to thicken and turns thick close pressure pan and cook for 2 whistles in medium flame


5.When pressure release by itself we stir from bottom.If we cook bajra in this procedure it will not burn at bottom

kambu3 kambu4

6.Once bajra cools down add sour yogurt or thick butter milk to it  with green chilii and salt. Mix without lumps.

7.To make  porridge add little water to it

kambu5 kambu6




7.Serve with mango pickle,small onions



Use sour yogurt.We can add little butter milk or water to make it more thin

Stir occasionally when cooling Bajra else a thick layer forms on top

Donot cook on high flame else it will burn at bottom