Soya chunks masala|Soya chunks poori masala

Quick Soya chunks masala|Soya chunks poori masala

Bored of eating poori with regular potato masala,here comes a different side dish for poori.Soya chunks masala for poori a quick and easy to make recipe.

No need to grind masala or making any powder for this recipe.

soya masala


Soya                   – 1 cup
Onion                  – 1 big sliced
Tomato               – 1 big chopped
Fennel seeds      – 1 tsp
Curry leaves
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp or as needed
Oil                         – 3 tbsp
Besan flour           – 4 tsp
Water                   – 2 glass approx 250 to 300 ml

soya1 soya 2

Step by step method to make Soya chunks poori masala

1.In a big bowl make water to boil.Add 2 tbsp salt to it.Then add soya chunks to it.Let soya cook well and it will become double in its size or cook for 10 minutes

soya chunks masala1

2.Then drain water and squeeze soya chunks thoroughly with hand,once it becomes warm

soya chunks masala2

soya chunks masala3

soya chunks masal4

3.Cut soya into small pieces

soya chunks masala5

4.In a pan add oil.when oil gets hot toss fennel seeds.

5.When fennel seeds starts to splutter add onion to it and saute for 5 min in medium high.Donot saute too much ,we need onion to be crunchy

6.Saute onion as shown in picture

soya chunk masala5

7.Now add tomato,curry leaves to it and cook until tomato gets mashed thoroughly.

soya chunks masal10

8.Then add red chilli powder and soya chunks to it give a stir and add 2 glass of water to it.

soya chunks masala7

9.In a small bowl add little water to besan flour,mix well without any lumps.

soya chunks masal8

10.Now add this besan flour mix to masala

soya chunks masala9

11.Cook until masala gets thick.Check for salt and then add salt as soya has already salt while we boiled in water.Serve with poori or chapathi

soya poori masala


1.Cook soya in boiling water with salt in it

2.For richness we can grind cashew paste and add to masala,as it is quick masala i added besan flour to it.

3.Onion should be crunchy donot saute too much.

4.We can add food color if needed,