How to make coconut milk|Homemade coconut milk recipe

How to make coconut milk|Homemade coconut milk recipe for idiyappam,appam

Homemade coconut milk taste good than store bought ones.Here i am using frozen coconut for extracting coconut milk.We can use fresh coconut for extracting coconut milk too.Due to unavailability of fresh coconut  at my place i am using frozen.

Here i have extracted coconut milk two time as it is frozen coconut.If fresh coconut is used we can extract three times.


Grated Coconut – 2 cup
Water – 3 to 4 cups
Cardamom – 4 (add cardamom for appam and idiyappam)

Step by Step method to make coconut milk

1.I am using frozen coconut.Defrost coconut measure 2 cups of coconut add 2 cup of hot boiling water to it,keep it aside until it gets warm to room temperature

coconut milk1

2.Add cardamom with coconut and grind in mixie until coconut ground well

coconut milk2

3.Strain in a fine sieve and collect the first extracted coconut milk in a bowl.Press with a spoon thoroughly to collect coconut milk completely

coconut millk3

4.Then again add 2 cup of hot water to the residue collected.Grind again collect coconut milk in another bowl.This is thin coconut milk

coconut milk4

coconut milk1

coconut millk3

5.Now thin coconut milk as well as thick coconut milk is ready.We can mix  both thin and thick coconut milk together.

coconut milk



1.Add cardamom in coconut milk for appam,idiyappam,paniyaram

2.Adding hot water in grated coconut extracts coconut milk completely

3.We can store coconut milk for 3 to 4 days in refrigerator

4.Regular coconut milk doesn’t have cardamom.I have added to give nice flavor.