Poha idli|Instant poha idli|How to make Aval idli

Poha idli|Instant poha idli|Aval idli

poha idli

Idlis are perfect south indian dish which we will have for breakfast as well as for dinner.When i was kid i like take idlis for lunch box with idli powder,which one of my all time favourite.

Here for this idli we can use either thick poha or thin poha.Poha is flattened rice.This Poha idli which needs no fermentation and it is instant idli to make.This idli will get ready in 30 min, meanwhile we can make chutney or sambhar.And moreover when we run out of regular idli batter or surprise guest arrives,no need to worry.We can make this instant poha idli.

Only thing while making this idlis we have to make sure the yogurt we are using is sour,if not add little more baking soda than mentioned.To make variation we can add any veggies to batter and steam idlis.


Poha|Aval powder      – 1 cup
Roasted upma Rava – 1 cup
Sour yogurt              – 2 cup
Water                       – 2 cup
Baking soda             – 1/4 tsp

Step by step method to make instant poha idi

1.Take 2 cup of poha and dry grind in mixie.2 cup of poha will yield 1 cup poha powder.

2.Add 1 cup  poha powder with 1 cup roasted upma rava,baking soda,2 cup sour yogurt,salt with 1 cup water.

poha idli1

3.Let the whole mixture rest for 20 min.Check for consistency of batter.if better is too thick then add add water little by little until we get desired consistency.

4.I have added 1 cup water to get desired consistency.

poha idli2

5.Heat water in idli steamer.Pour batter into idli pan

poha idli3

6.Steam idli in high flame for 10 min.Now take idli stand out of steamer and let it cool and then remove idli with back of spoon.

poha idli4

7.Idli will be soft,spongy.Serve with moong dal sambhar or any kind of chutney.

spongy poha idli

aval idli


Poha idli batter is ready to use batter,donot refrigerate batter.Idlis will not turn good.

I have used roasted upma rava,so my idlis look little brown in colour.

Idli batter should not be too thick or thin.when we scoop idli batter in ladle and drop,batter should drop slowly.

If we avoid baking soda,idlis will not turn soft.